Zyprexa Side Effects

Zyprexa (Olanzapine) Side Effects Lawsuits

Zyprexa is a popular antipsychotic drug used to treat a wide range of disorders including bipolarism, manic depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions. Zyprexa works by inhibiting certain dopamine and serotonin receptors that are linked to schizophrenia and depression.

While Zyprexa may be effective in helping people with these disorders, the drug has been linked to serious physical side effects, which lawyers believe Eli Lilly (the drug's maker) has not fully disclosed or monitored. This in spite of the fact that Zyprexa is Eli Lilly's best selling drug, with nearly $2.5 billion in sales in 2002 and has been prescribed to more than 6 million people in the past five years.

The side effects linked to Zyprexa involve drastic changes in patients blood sugar levels. In studies in Europe and Japan, reseachers have discovered dozens of cases in which patients suffered injuries from changes in their blood glucose. Several patients reportly died of complications from Zyprexa-induced blood sugar elevation. The patients at greatest risk are people with diabetes or high blood sugar as Zyprexa seems to aggravate their disease. However, Zyprexa may also cause serious side effects in otherwise healthy patients being treated for mental disorders.

The conditions most commonly reported in connection with
Zyprexa use have been: diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, hyperglycemia, and diabetic ketoacidosis and in some cases Diabetic Coma induced by severe insulin deficiency.

In July 2002 a study at Duke University further showed a connection between Zyprexa and diabetes. The study documented nearly 300 cases of diabetes in people using Zyprexa. with many of the cases developing within 6 months of Zyprexa use. However, as of this writing there is no warning about these dangers on Zyprexa's label or product information. The company has resisted efforts to advise Zyprexa users to monitor blood glucose levels. Lawyers believe this negligence has caused unnecessary deaths and injury.

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