Welding Rod Injury Lawsuits

Attention Welders: You may be entitled to a large settlement package.

If you work with manganese as a welder or welding trade you could be at risk for manganism. Manganism is a disease that results from too much manganese exposure and can injure the part of the brain that controls body movements. The symptoms of manganism resemble Parkinson's Disease symptoms. The exposure occurs primarily through long term inhalation of welding rod fumes. Although some of the symptoms of manganism can be treated with drugs and therapy, the damage that occurs to the brain is permanent.

Welders are at greatest risk of exposure to high levels of manganese.

Manganese is also found in pesticides and fertilizers, used in the production of batteries, and is an ingredient in some ceramics. Several tests are available for measuring manganese in blood, urine, hair, or feces. However, there are some problems with these tests: manganese is a normal part of the body, so some manganese is always found; and excess manganese is usually removed from the body within a few days, making it difficult to measure exposure.


There are almost half a million full-time welders in the U.S. Manganese is an essential element in the production of steel products and steel welding electrodes and is present in fume that is generated during welding of these materials.

Washington University School of Medicine researchers have concluded that welding might trigger early onset of Parkinson's disease. A research team found that some professional welders developed signs of the disease an average of 15 years earlier than the general population.

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