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Silicosis is a lung disease caused by exposure to tiny particles of dust which get trapped in the lungs. The disease occurs in people who have long term exposure to silica. The silica is a dust-like substance which lodges in the lungs. The lungs respond to the intrusion by developing fibrotic nodules which scar around the trapped silica particles. The nodules and scarring is called silicosis. As the condition gets worse it becomes more difficult for an affected person to breath. People with acute silicosis have a potentially fatal disease, they also become high risk candidates for other lung diseases including tuberculosis. Silicosis is euphemistically called miners asthma.

Many people will not get silicosis until retirement, because of its long term development. Indeed silicosis is often diagnosed 10-35 years after the initial exposure. Silicosis symptoms include difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and severe chronic cough. Silicosis is diagnosed with a standard chest x-ray, but it can be misdiagnosed as fluid in the lungs, pneumonia, or tuberculosis.

Silicosis, has three main types relating to the type and concentration of free crystalline silica inhaled over time.

Acute Silicosis: Occurs after heavy exposure to high concentrations of silica. The symptoms can develop within a few weeks or as long as 5 years after the exposure.

Chronic Silicosis:
Occurs after long term exposure(over 10 years) of low concentrations of silica dust. This is most common form of the disease,and is often undetected for many years because a chest X-Ray often will not reveal the disease for as long as 20 years after exposure.

Accelerated Silicosis: Occurs after exposure to high concentrations of silica. The disease develops within 5 to 10 years after exposure.

People with Silicosis are most often workers in specific industries:
including sandblasters, people who perform quarry work: rock drilling, rock hauling, rock crushing.
People who work in removal of concrete as well as concrete blasting, concrete cutting.
Many other workers in the construction and other industries can get silicosis: brick masons, miners, glass workers, foundry workers, grinders, welders, pottery workers, shipyard workers and boiler makers.

Silicosis lawsuits have been brought against employers as well as the makers of disposable dust masks which failed to prevent exposure.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Silicosis you should contact a lawyer represent you. You may be entitled to a large monetary award designed to compensate you for pain and suffering, punitive damages and other damages allowed by different states.

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