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Rezulin Lawsuits

Rezulin Liver Damage Lawsuits

The FDA center for Drug evaluation and Research recalled Rezulin on March 21, 2000. The FDA stated at the time that the continued use of Rezulin posed an "unacceptable risk" to diabetes patients. As of that date 63 Rezulin users had died of liver failure according to FDA reports. It is now believed that the total number of deaths may be ten times higher than the originally reported 63 cases.

As of January 2002, at least two lawsuits have been successfully prosecuted against the drug maker, resulting in jury awards of 24.9 and 43 million dollars to each victim.

Rezulin was originally prescribed by doctors to diabetics who needed insulin but needed to better control their blood sugar. Rezulin was designed to help the insulin (injected or self produced) be more efficient enabling the sugar from a patients blood to supply energy to the cells.

Interesting before the US recall in 2000, Rezulin had already been withdrawn and banned in England as early as December 1997 because of the death of an American on Rezulin. Warner-Lambert, he drug manufacturer, prevented and fought a ban in the United States for over two years before the FDA finally decided to prohibit sales of the drug in March 2000.

Rezulin sales are estimated to have generated Warner-Lambert nearly $1.8 billion in revenues. Rezulin was prescribed 488,000 times in January of 1999 alone. 63 Rezulin users have reportedly died from use of the drug.

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