PPH Attorneys

PPH Attorneys

Pulmonary Hypertension claims: Certain diet drugs have been associated with a wide variety of health problems including heart valve damage and a very rare lung-heart disease call primary pulmonary hypertension or PPH. These diet drugs include Meridia and Redux, Phen Fen and Pondimin.

Diet Drugs Can Cause PPH: Meridia and Phen Fen

Pulmonary hypertension develops when the blood vessels in the lungs narrow and resist blood flow. The pressure from the resistance causes the right side of the heart to become enlarged and damaged eventually leading to heart failure and death.

The disease is very rare, but it can be caused by using diet drugs including: Fen-Phen, Redux and Pondimin. The disease has also been associated with the diet drug Meridia which is still on the market.

American Home Products Corporation, the maker of Fen-Phen, failed to warn doctors of the increased risk of PPH from the use of its diet pills. As a result, doctors throughout the United States prescribed Fen-Phen or Redux to their patients believing the drugs to be safe. Depending on the specific facts of your case, you may have a legal claim for the costs of treatment and for your pain and suffering.

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