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Attention Chemical Plant Workers: You may be entitled to a large settlement package.

Vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride chemicals are widely used in many industrial settings. Although new safety requirements have mandated greater protection for plant workers, many people are still exposed to dangerous levels of these chemicals. These exposures can result in rare and deadly forms of cancer that have been linked to long term exposure to PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) and similar chemcials.

Workers who have been exposed to this chemical can develop several forms of rare cancers. Plant workers who make plastics or work with PVC polyvinyl chloride are at greatest risk. Railroad workers and those who load and unload rail cars transporting vinyl chloride are also at risk. A common form of chemical overexposure occurs in rail cars, trucks, or ships and barges when vinyl chloride that has leaked remains in the closed space because the chemical is heavier than normal air. Additionally, Beauticians who worked prior to 1974 may have been exposed from hair spray that used Vinyl Chloride. Beauticians and hair stylists may have had some of the heaviest exposures. Although the expsoure took place many years ago, these workers may still be eligible to file claims if they have one of the rare conditions associated with these chemicals.

If you or a loved one was exposed to vinyl chloride and you or they have serious health problems including rare forms of cancer including angiosarcoma, liver cancer, brain cancer or another rare disease such as Leukemia, you may be entitled to a large settlement form the makers of the chemical.

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