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Meridia Side Effects Lawsuits

Meridia Side Effects Lawsuits.

Meridia (sibutramine) is a popular diet drug manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. More than nine million people have taken the drug since its release in 1998. The drug seems to cause two problems: increases in blood pressure in 10-12% of patients, and heart dysrhythmias in a smaller number. Both can be deadly, both can cause heart attack or brain attack (such as a stroke).

Meridia has been linked to serious side effects including:
Sudden death from heart attack and stroke
Increased blood pressure
Heart arrythimias (usually ventricular fibrillation)

In of March 2002, the use of Meridia was banned in Italy after the Italian Health Ministry said that the products were related to two deaths and 50 reports of serious problems. Last year in Great Britain, the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, published by the Consumers' Association, warned the drug had limited benefits and ``unwanted'' side effects. There have been reports of as many as 103 serious adverse reactions in people using the drug in France and the UK, including two deaths in Britain.

In March 2002, a US consumer group asked the FDA to recall Meridia based on reports of deaths and adverse reactions noted from voluntary submissions by US physicians and hospitals. Many believe the number of actual adverse side effects including heart attack many be much greater than reported.

The drug was approved by the FDA in 1997 by a very narrow margin. The FDA advisory committee voted five to four that the benefits of Meridia did not outweigh the risks. One of the FDA reviewers of the drug believed the drug had an "unsatisfactory risk-benefit ratio" and recommended that the FDA not approve it. The debate at FDA related to the medical literature that showed the drug increases blood pressure and heart rate in many users. The company that Mkes the drug has disputed the accuracy of the statistics presented to the FDA, and claims that the patient deaths were not caused by Meridia.

Lawsuits: Potential Claims and Damages

People injured by Meridia may have many legal claims against the drug manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories. The company may be liable under many legal theories including negligence for failure to warn, defective product, breach of warranties to the consumer.

In general, the types of damages sought against Abbott may include general and compensatory damages for: past and future physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and physical impairment; past and future medical, incidental and hospital expenses; and past and future loss of earnings and earning capacity.

If you or someone you know has taken Meridia and has suffered any serious side effects, such as heart attack, stroke, PPH or death, please contact us for a rapid response regarding your rights and information about compensation for injuries.

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