Maritime Law: Jones Act

Maritime Law: Jones Act Claims
Maritime law accords some of the strongest protections for injured workers of any federal law. The so called Jones Act provides both unemployment benefits and injury compensation to workers who are injured at sea onboard any boat or vessel or in many maritime professions.
Unlike state workers' compensation, the Jones Act often provides very high cash settlements if there was any negligence or wrongdoing involved in the injury (such as poor maintenance). Maritime law works to protect people onboard any inland lake or river as well any ocean or sea worldwide.

Our lawyers regularly handle occupational injuries on board:
Fishing Boats and Trawlers
Barge and Tug Boats
Crabbers and Shrimpers
Casino Boats
Oil Rigs and Offhore Production Platforms
Ships and Vessels of all Kinds including Cruise Ships

Passengers and recreational boaters are also entitled to recover from cruise ship and boating accidents under various federal and state laws.

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