Knee Implant Recall: Smith and Nephew

Knee Implant: Smith & Nephew Recall *

Several Knee implants made by the medical device manufacturer Smith and Nephew have been recalled. In August 2003, Smith and Nephew recalled two models of Knee replacements and told the FDA of the problems associated with them.

The products included: cement less versions of Smith and Nephew: Oxinium Genesis II and Oxinium Profix II knee replacement systems. The company reported that corrective revision surgery was needed for about 30 of the 3,000 patients fitted with the products in the United States. However, many other patients may also need to be checked to make sure the Knee implant is not defective.

Patients who have these implants should contact us to get a free evaluation of their rights to both medical treatment and a compensation package for pain and suffering. Claims against manufacturer are being pursued on behalf of patients who have undergone unnecessary and painful revision surgery.

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