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Our goal is to protect and strengthen individual rights and liberties by ensuring large corporations, insurance companies and individuals are held accountable for their negligent acts. In a free society people that are negligently harmed by another person can pursue justice by suing for monetary damages.

Although the purpose of these damages is to compensate the victim, much criticism has been made of the money. When people think of personal injury law, they tend to think about the money. If attorneys could go to court and demand that a negligent company be made to publicly apologize to the injured person and change the way it does business, many people would be satisfied. However, the fact is that a public apology will not change an organization or deter negligent conduct in the future. What changes the mind and behavior of an organization is making it pay money. Monetary compensation works to both compensate the victim and improves safety for everyone.

Personal injury attorneys have had their fair share of negative publicity, being labeled "ambulance chasers," and reports that many attorneys bring unfounded claims forward. In fact nearly all meritorious claims made on behalf of injured people will face an uphill battle in view of the cultural perceptions fostered by the insurance industry which vigorously defends all claims. If you are seriously injured because of someone else's negligence, it will often take years to get fully compensated because of the insurance companies delaying tactics.

If you have been injured, you have the right to pursue claims against the responsible parties. The attorneys in our national network are among the nation's best and will help you recover for your loss. The verdicts and settlements won by our attorneys have repeatedly set higher standards for damage recoveries in various courts throughout the country. Our lawyers have had numerous verdicts and settlements in excess of $10 million and hundreds in excess of $1 million.

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