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Ancure Endograft: AAA Repair Lawsuits:
Guidant Corporation and Endovascular Technologies

Endovascular Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Guidant Corporation have been fined nearly 100 million dollars for covering up defective stents that allegedly caused 12 patient deaths. The government charges alleged the company lied to the FDA by reporting only 172 malfunctions, while the company had recorded 2,628 malfunctions, which included reports of 12 deaths and 57 revision surgeries to remove the stent. The company instead claimed the problems were fixed after it was voluntarily recalled for 5 months in March 2001.

According to the US attorney: "Because of the company's conduct, thousands of patients underwent surgeries without knowing the risks they faced," he termed the companies actions "criminal." Additional charges may be brought by the Justice Department against executives of the company.

Civil Lawsuits are now being pursued on behalf of the victims.

The device at issue is called the Ancure "stent graft" Endograft device (or Aortic Graft) and is used to treat aortic aneurysms. An aneurysm is a weakened area in a blood vessels wall, that can lead to a bursted blood vessel and death. This device was designed for the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body. The stent device is inserted through the groin, and is used to patch the aneurysm. This was considered a major advance and eliminates the need for more invasive and risky surgery inside abdomen.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the device in 1999, which costs $10,000. More than 18,000 patients have Ancure Endograft implants, but the problems usually occurred during operation.

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