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Cordis Heart Stent and Angioplasty Lawsuits:

In October 2003, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to physicians about blood clots and other side effects associated with the very popular drug coated Cypher stents made by Cordis Corporation, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. According to the FDA the Cordis stents may be linked to more than 60 deaths.

The FDA's letter to physicians stated that Cordis' drug coated stent, a tiny wire mesh device used to keep open coronary arteries, resulted in more than 290 cases of thrombosis or blood clots among patients within 30 days after receiving the device. The use of the Cypher stent was linked to the patients' death in more than 60 of the clotting cases. In other cases, the stent was associated with injuries requiring medical or surgical intervention.

The FDA has also received more than 50 reports (some relating to deaths) that Cordis considers possible hypersensitivity reactions. The symptoms include pain, rash, respiratory alterations, hives, itching, fever and blood pressure changes.

In July, Cordis issued warnings to health care professionals to inform them of the rare but potential serious risk of thrombosis associated with the use of its product the Cypher Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent (Cypher stent). The Cypher stent was approved in April 2003 for patients undergoing angioplasty procedures to open clogged coronary arteries. Since the product's introduction it is estimated that over 50,000 patients have received a Cypher stent. To date, FDA has multiple reports of stent thrombosis occurring at the time of implantation or within a few days of stent implantation.

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