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On March 14, 2002 The FDA Issued a Natiowide/International Alert on OB/GYN Surgical Devices

FDA alerted consumers and health care professionals about medical devices labeled as sterile manufactured by A&A of Alpharetta, Georgia which were distributed nationally and internationally. The firm also does business as A&A Medical, Rocket USA DBA LifeQuest. Some of the products manufactured by this company have been labeled and shipped internationally as sterile but in fact may not have undergone any sterilization process.

This has the potential of causing death or serious injury such as infection, infertility, and miscarriage.

This problem potentially affects product labeled and shipped as sterile since 1999.

This firm manufactures many types of obstetrics and gynecological surgical devices. These devices are used only in the clinical setting during surgical and gynecological procedures.

These products include but are not limited to:
Curettes (flexible and rigid),
Uterine dilators, including Laminaria
Endometrial sampling sets
Fetal blood samplers
Fetal bladder drains
Laparoscopy accessories
Bone marrow needles
Harvesting pumps used in in-vitro fertilization
Aspiration sets.

FDA is urging the company to recall these products and will take the appropriate measures to assure these products are removed as soon as possible. Distributors and health care providers who have received these products should cease their distribution and use immediately.

A call placed by our attorneys indicated that the company had already began the recall.

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